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Laser hair removal in Derby

13th September 2019

Laser hair removal in Derby

Laser hair removal in Derby isn’t reserved just for women, and it hasn’t been this way for a long time. In these modern times, more and more men are opting for medical cosmetic treatments openly and covertly. One of those treatments just so happens to be laser hair removal, as the stigma surrounding men and changing their appearance is gradually being lifted. We think this is a particularly liberating treatment for anyone, man or women, who is seeking to lessen the growth of problematic hair on the face or body.

Laser hair removal for the face

For those seeking ‘designer’ facial hair, like no beard hairs below their jawline or limited growth on their upper cheeks, laser hair removal has become a popular choice. It lessens the need for shaving which in itself reduces irritation, ingrown hairs, and unwanted stubble that may clash with your look and style. Even for men that wish to tone their facial hair, laser hair removal is a great treatment for lessening the growth so much that some hair follicles may lie dormant for years on end.

Our world class laser systems

At Unico Aesthetic in Derby, we have invested in the Lightsheer Desire system from Lumenis, which is up there as one of the most advanced laser hair removal system. A medical grade laser device, the Lightsheer Desire uses advanced technologies to specifically target stubborn, unwanted hair, ensuring your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Laser hair removal for the body

You would be forgiven for being a self-conscious of your body hair if you watch certain reality television programmes. There isn’t a right or wrong way for a body to look, especially when concerning such natural processes are hair growth, but this of course doesn’t mean you’ll always love your body hair. If you don’t, then shaving and waxing can seem like the only options because of how readily available they are. However, these treatments can be irritating, uncomfortable, and even create trapped hairs within the skin which can be painful, unsightly, and sore. Laser hair removal is far more accessible than you may think and is a much longer lasting solution.

How many treatments will I need?

Your hair, whether on face or body, grows in cycles. This means that only a portion of your overall hair is growing at any one time, the other follicles remaining dormant for that time. Because of this, multiple treatments are needed to successfully treat an area. Essentially a course of 6-8 treatments is usually recommended, with top-up appointments needed in the coming years.

Laser hair removal in Derby is more accessible than ever with the professionals at Unico. Our advanced technology is even capable of treating darker skin types, which older or more traditional machines were not capable of doing. Get in touch to begin your laser hair removal journey today.

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Unico Aesthetic cannot guarantee specific results.