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A more youthful appearance for you?

Over time our facial expressions contribute to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We reduce facial wrinkles with small injections of botulinum toxin, approved more than 20 years ago. Our aesthetic doctors use tiny syringes in a short procedure that is almost painless and quick.

Aesthetics & Aesthetic Medicine

In the comfort of our clinic, we offer a wide range of beautiful treatments to brighten, tighten and rejuvenate your facial appearance. A short, free consultation will provide you with expert advice on how we use radiofrequency, facial mesotherapy and much more to improve skin quality and luminosity, to boost the supply of collagen and hydration and more.

Restore vitality to your face. Lip augmentation, wrinkles, skin depressions

As we mature, we inevitably lose firmness and volume in the face and lips and this ages our facial expression. Facial remodelling uses dermal fillers to rejuvenate the pigments in the face and recapture your youthful smile in a very natural way.

Our aesthetic doctors use dermal fillers to regenerate lost volume, eliminate wrinkles, shape the contours of the face, even out creases and enhance lips by giving them extra volume.

Excessive or unsightly body hair is not just a problem for women, and we understand how embarrassing and upsetting this problem can be for men too. So we offer free specialist male treatment consultations on laser hair removal to remove unwanted male body hair.

We live in an age where appearance and presentation are important. Men increasingly recognise the benefit of smart looks, and we provide a range of facial and body treatments specially adapted for the male physique from our aesthetics through to wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers. Come and see what we can do for you!

Laser hair removal is the best form of hair removal recommended by dermatologists. We work with the gold-standard medical-grade laser system – the Lumenis LightSheer Desire diode laser. These world-class diode systems provide safe and effective treatment and deliver definitive results from the first session.

Now, all skin types can be treated. Diode Laser is distinct in its method from other lasers; the results produce a hair follicle that cannot grow hair again in the future. Our results are decisive and produce the hair free, smooth skin we all long for.

We have an exciting range of advanced body treatments in store for you here at Unico Aesthetic. Would you like to treat some cellulite, achieve some localised fat reduction or just brighten, tone and shape your body to achieve that summer-ready look all over? Come and be pampered!


Welcome to Unico Aesthetic in the Intu Centre Derby. Our expert team look after all your aesthetic needs from tidying up your body hair with laser treatments, to tightening and brightening with a range of exciting ultrasound and radiofrequency skin treatments, localised fat and cellulite removal, through to our range of medical, non-surgical treatments for wrinkle removal, dermal fillers, facial peels, thread-lifts and much more. All our treatments are supervised by our aesthetic-specialist doctors.

To help you achieve the looks you want, we offer free consultations and we’re open seven days a week in the lovely and convenient Intu Centre in Derby.

Our team are all qualified, trained and experienced in everything we do. We aspire to provide you with the very best advice, treatment and care, and we’re looking forward to discussing your individual needs with you. So why not book your free consultation here and now? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what we can achieve together.

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